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About Us

The Alonzo “Tambua” Moody Academy (ATM) is a full-service community school that utilizes community partnerships and resources to foster a dynamic learning environment while supporting the needs and building on the strengths of our students as well as the community of Paterson.

 The basic mission of the program is to meet student's academic needs while providing them with special assistance to develop responsible patterns of behavior in a safe, disciplined environment. 

The ATM Academy was developed as a collaborative endeavor by the Paterson Housing Authority, The City of Paterson (Youth Services Bureau), The Paterson Board of Education, The Passaic County Probation & Superior Court- Family Division and The Paterson Police Department. 

The Academy resulted from these organizations coming together and agreeing on the best approach of dealing with the education of the city's most at-risk and disaffected high school aged youth. Each organization is a significant and permanent partner of this alternative program, fully supporting the educational, social, health and vocational needs of the students. As partners guided by a common vision, the team is committed to the youth they serve, charting a course to academic achievement, family stability, interpersonal maturity and self reliance.


This formula is used throughout ATM 
Academy to help promote better decision making. 
F/T = Bad Decisions 
TIF = Better Decisions 

Although we concentrate intensely on the social and emotional well being of each student we recognize that as an educational institution it is paramount for us to provide each student the opportunity to matriculate at least one grade level by earning a sufficient number of HS credits to advance toward completing the state of NJ's HS graduation requirements. 

Here's What Our Students Say About Us:



  • Zatiti Moody (Principal) ext. 10110

  • Shirell Rizack (Secretary) ext. 10110 

  • Guidance Office ext. 21153 

  • Nurse Office ext. 10119 

  • Lt. Ronald Humphrey (Security) ext. 10112 

  • Rosalind Young (Social Worker) ext. 21133

  • Nashima Wade (HSCL) ext. 21108

  • Brian Veal (SCC) ext. 21150

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