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Alonzo Moody

Alonzo Moody, the humanitarian, the educator, the activist, the role model, the Godfather of an entire community, may never be fully appreciated through text


About the legacy

Alonzo Moody developed his strong sense of family and unyielding dedication to his community very early in life.

Mr. Moody served in the United States Air Force from January 1966 – May 1969, when he was honorably discharged at the rank of Airman First Class (AIC-Top Secret Clearance). While Mr. Moody was stationed in Hawaii he attended Honolulu Business College from 1968-1969 majoring in the field of Systems Analyst. Alonzo would eventually move back to New Jersey, graduating from Ramapo College in 1976 with a BA degree in Metropolitan Studies with a concentration in Urban Planning.  By this time Mr. Moody’s professional career in social services was well on its way. From 1978-1980, Mr. Moody worked as the Administrator of the Passaic County Juvenile In Need of Supervision (JINS) Shelter as well as Abandon Abuse and Neglected Shelter.  Other experiences include five year tenure as a Community Youth Worker for the Passaic County Probation Department and four years as a fulltime truck driver.  Also he was a student leader for the Central Presbyterian Church Summer Enrichment Program. Additionally Mr. Moody served as an assistant Basketball Coach at the Passaic County Community College from October 1979-April 1985.

Mr. Moody is also extremely dedicated and committed to his volunteer work with a plethora of organizations and agencies throughout the state of NJ. Mr. Moody has been a member of the advisory board for the BROTHERS of Paterson Inc., the School Leadership Team at the Great Falls Academy, Passaic County Youth Services Commission, Municipal Drug Alliance, Passaic County Superior Court’s Minority Concerns Committee, and the Passaic County Probation Department’s Village Initiative Program. 


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